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Workshop Accreditation is moving to new heights

12th Feb 2018

Launched in 2012 to address the difficulties operators faced when choosing their maintenance provision, IRTE Workshop Accreditation (WA) has grown into an industry-leading standard in a sector where compliance is key.

Given that around 80% of operators sub-contract their vehicle maintenance to third-parties, WA gives credible assurances that the working environment is safe and properly equipped.

Working in collaboration with the support of industry, IRTE believes WA is now becoming integral to retaining a competitive industry advantage, whilst meeting requirements set out in the operator licence

Chair of IRTE Professional Sector Council and WA auditor, John Eastman, said: “It’s getting better all the time. As WA becomes more widely known and is discussed more in industry circles, the subjects of the audit know what is expected of them. They know that it is a tough audit, but it’s necessary to keep those standards high. It’s now more likely that they will have all the documentation ready for you when you arrive.”

In showing decisive performance data such as test pass rates, RIDDOR stats and HSE notice information, an operator can see information that makes finding suitable workshops much quicker and easier, says John.

He added: “You’re also advising on what might be better practice, like making sure all those tools are calibrated as they should be. In every audit I have done, they are open to the advice that I give; they know what it is worth to them and always do their best to meet the standard. It supports what they are trying to do.”

For more information on IRTE Workshop Accreditation go to

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