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SOE elections: are you standing?

7th Feb 2018

We are looking for applications from members with a diverse range of professional backgrounds and experience for positions on our Trustee Board and Professional Sector Councils (PSCs).

Each year, elections are held for positions on SOE’s Trustee Board and its three PSCs. The Trustee Board and PSCs assist in shaping how the SOE is run, and have direct input into issues that affect fellow members and the engineering profession.

Trustee Board

For the Trustee Board, we invite applications from members who can help strengthen SOE as a brand, and can help increase membership numbers with gender and age profiles that maximise the talent available to operations engineering.

We want members who can help publicise the benefit of SOE membership and improve SOE’s position as the thought leader for operations engineering. The Trustee Board would welcome members able to help implement innovative campaigns to achieve greater membership diversity, more apprentice and student members, and volunteers. The Trustee Board has two vacancies.

If you are interested in applying for one of these roles, or know someone who is, please contact us.

In addition to positions on the Trustee Board, our Members, Fellows, and Honorary Fellows are invited to stand for the following positions.

Professional Sector Councils

PSC members assist their respective professional sector with their time and expertise. PSC members are required to commit to approximately four days per year to attend meetings.

IRTE: two vacancies

We are looking for members with experience of: cement and powder-carrying vehicles (and/or oil tankers), fleet management, refuse vehicle, tyre manufacturers or tyre re-moulders, materials handling and manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

We would also encourage members with knowledge of DVSA processes and procedures, and individuals with general experience in producing best practice and technical guidance, to apply.

IPlantE: four vacancies

The IPlantE PSC is looking for thought leaders in plant engineering and members eager to publicise IPlantE membership. We would welcome applications from individuals able to engage with student and apprentice members, and volunteers, as we would with those able to promote membership diversity and Engineering Council registration.

BES: three vacancies

The BES PSC is seeking members involved with statutory plant examinations and inspections who would be willing to mentor engineer surveyors. Specifically, members of SAFed and/or INITA, or members with experience of pressure plants, electrical, local exhaust ventillation or lifting gear, are encouraged to apply.

SOE’s elections process uses the single transferable vote which is allocated to the most preferred candidate according to the voter’s stated preferences. Voting is open to all SOE corporate members whose subscriptions are up to date, and members may only vote within the PSCs to which they belong.

In order to stand for election, members need to nominate themselves and provide the names of two corporate members of SOE as proposer and seconder.

The deadline to receive nominations is 18 April 2018. For nomination forms and additional information, please contact Emma Thompson, email, call +44 (0)20 7630 2157 or write to her at the head office address.

2018 Election timetable

Nomination forms/supporting documents available:
Friday 3 February

Completed nomination forms, statements and photographs returned to SOE:
Tuesday 18 April

Election material dispatched:
Friday 11 May

Ballot papers returned:
Tuesday 19 June

ERS results confirmed:
Monday 25 June

Date from which new members take up posts:
Tuesday 17 July

For more information contact: or 020 7630 2157

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