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Skills Challenge: DVSA CEO Gareth Llewellyn

31st May 2018

Gareth Llewellyn believes the positive impact of the IRTE Skills Challenge is a clear indication of how bus and coach technicians can help shape the future of the sector.

“In the Skills Challenge we can focus on what the art of the possible is, and we can point to people that are at the top of their game in the industry, and that is very important,” said Gareth.

The best practice culture being nurtured during the competition can find its way into the wider industry, said Gareth, given that the transport sector must now work together to overcome the challenges ahead.

“What I see in the bus and coach industry we will see in the HGV sector, so it’s really important for us to work with that sector and understand what the opportunities are. There are massive opportunities both in terms of quality and efficiency from the operator, but also how we can transform that into standards, advice and guidance for other parts of the transport sector,” said Gareth.

DVSA officially launched the earned recognition scheme at the CV Show in April. Bus, coach or HGV operators which commit to the scheme will be less likely to be stopped by DVSA, provided they share performance data with the regulator. Operators with irtec licensed technicians or IRTE-accredited workshops can qualify for exemptions.

“The interesting thing for me - a principle I insisted on - is that the system is meritocratic; if you’re good enough, you can qualify. The scheme supports all operators, however big or small they are. It’s really important this scheme doesn’t favour one size over another,” added Gareth.

The IRTE Skills Challenge testing event takes place from June 4-8 at the S&B Automotive Academy in Bristol.

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