Ofqual calls on SOE members for support

2nd Mar 2018

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is calling on SOE members to assist in the formation of critical new qualifications and has urged anyone able to contribute to contact them now.

Ofqual is specifically targeting SOE members due to their expertise across all disciplines of operations engineering, as part of its drive to boost the value of various qualifications and meet requirements of employers.

The regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England is seeking advice from SOE members to ensure GCSEs, A-Levels, vocational and technical qualifications and new apprenticeships, are taught and assessed in the correct way.

Specifically, Ofqual is looking for people with expertise in vehicle engineering and maintenance – principally bus and coach technicians – but the application is open to all areas of operations engineers.

Ofqual draw on a wide range of industry experts to help in their task of ensuring that all qualifications it regulates are fit for purpose. Experts are central to the work it does to ensure that the right topics are being taught and assessed in the correct way.

Experts will work with Ofqual to review qualifications and provide their expertise on whether assessments are valid and reliable, or if a qualification meets certain conditions.

It will draw on various specialists on an as-and-when basis, based on requirements at the time and their availability; and they are paid for any expertise they provide.

Additionally, for the individual getting involved in this way provides them with an opportunity to gain insights into qualification development and learn more about assessment methods and practices.

Members seeking further information should contact:

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