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New SOE Professional Sector announced

31st Jul 2018

New SOE Professional Sector announced at the AGM

SOE President, Howard Seymour, announced the formation of a new SOE professional sector at this year’s AGM, which took place at 22 Greencoat Place on Tuesday 17th July. The new sector, which is planned to be named Institution of Operations Engineers (IOE) will cater specifically for operations engineers who do not naturally identify with BES, IPlantE or IRTE, and sit equally alongside them in the SOE family.

SOE staff and Trustee Board members are working to form the governance for the new sector, which will be mentored by IPlantE and given a voice on the trustee board through them, until it reaches a critical mass of 1000 members, at which time a new Professional Sector Council we be formed. The sector will be formally launched in Autumn 2018, however any existing members who would like to join this new sector should contact the membership team now to register interest.

Membership & Registration Manager Oliver Teasell commented: "Although the SOE itself is formed of engineers from a range of specialisms, we have heard more and more from potential members and industry that we need a sector which is specifically for those who identify as operations engineers in their primary role. The formation of this new sector will enable us to provide the same industry-leading CPD, events and support that we currently offer to our engineer surveyors, plant engineers and road transport engineers.

“The new sector will really help SOE grow, and we look forward to welcoming our first new members with the post-nominals MSOE MIOE in the autumn," continued Oliver.

Daniel Moir, Chief Operating Officer at SOE, said: “SOE is a broad church, and while our overall mission of safety, standards and best-practice spans all members, it is the expertise of our professional sectors which are the strong pillars on which SOE stands. This new sector will enable us to properly raise and recognise the profile of operations engineering as a distinct engineering discipline.”

Members who wish to find out more about the new sector or transferring to it should contact Oliver Teasell or any of the team at HQ on

Full launch details will be announced soon.

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John David Ashmore

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 16:29:54

Doesn't this look like a stepping stone towards the watering down, and eventual elimination, of the existing individual professional sector's names and importance?

Oliver Teasell

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 09:24:19

Good Morning, Mr Ashmore,

The new IOE will sit equally alongside BES, IPlantE and IRTE, with a growth plan in place as we have for each existing sector. We have launched this new professional sector to diversify our appeal to the professional engineering community and ensure that we continue to attract new members. We expect and need all professional sectors to grow in size, and will not be giving any less attention to the three existing ones.

If you have any further queries, please do contact me directly, I can be emailed at

Kind regards,

Oliver Teasell, Membership & Registration Manager

Yam Man Zeus Wong

Monday, 06 August 2018 04:17:24

It is a good idea to establish a new sector to cover the other functions of operation engineering, it can extend the area of operations to other similar disciplines other than the existing sectors. Is that possible to switch to the new sector once it established?

Oliver Teasell

Monday, 06 August 2018 12:02:30

Good Morning Wong Yam Man Zeus,

Thank you for your support of the new Professional Sector. Yes there will be a procedure to move to the IOE once the Sector is established. I will note that you are interested in switching Professional Sector and we will contact you again shortly.

Kind Regards,

Oliver Teasell, Membership & Registration Manager

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