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Key industry names gain MHE accreditation

29th Nov 2017

Jungheinrich, Linde and Toyota have all received successful audits of MHE Workshop Accreditation.

Following the launch of MHE accreditation one year ago, independent auditors have now assessed several of the most respected names in the material handling sector, all of which are intent on maintaining high standards. Several workshops of these three operators have now gained accreditation as part of a wider initiative by a major distribution company.

In an industry where safety is paramount, MHE accreditation gives an organisation the ability to allow for continuous improvement, thereby ensuring any changes in technology, including any automated operations, are met with modified safety procedures, according to SOE Head of Operations Daniel Moir.

He said: “In some industries, accreditation is not needed; in the material handling sector, it is. MHE accreditation protects the interests of operators, maintenance providers and individuals, by giving a stamp of approval at all levels. It is a transparent and structured process which helps gain competitive advantage, and we expect many more organisations to begin the accreditation process soon.”

The auditing process assesses many key operating fundamentals including the workshop premises, tools and equipment, the technical team and parts department.

Bernie Sharples, Toyota Site Team Manager, said: “We do go that little step further to try and get 100% in every area of the operation. The engineers I have work to a very high standard and I would expect them to do so anyway, but the accreditation gives a guarantee that they are working together in a safe and secure environment.”

For the team, Bernie says engineers who take great pride in their work, as his do, workshop accreditation is a timely and welcome evaluation of the operational conditions that they are responsible for.

Bernie added: “It’s great for our team to know that the high standards they keep are being recognised. The standard of the engineering and maintenance here is very good, but it helps team morale when they are told that their work is outstanding.”

A successful audit will secure a place on the SOE list of accredited centres, which gives operators access to maintenance providers with information on facilities, services, ISO accreditations and full contact information.

Andy Cooper, National Accounts Contract Manager at Linde Material Handling UK Ltd, said: “We want to be ahead of the game. It is in everyone’s best interest to move forward with this, including some of the smaller and medium-sized operators.”

Jungheinrich UK Director of Customer Service, Steve Shakespeare, said: “MHE Workshop Accreditation provides the addition of a very valuable independent set of eyes. Our job is to keep our fleets on the road for the customer, and the auditing process helps us to ensure that the high standards of operation we maintain are indeed widely recognised as being the very best.”

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