IPlantE on the importance of competent inspectors

19th Oct 2017

When appointing an individual to carry out an inspection task, making the wrong move could be costly, if not dangerous.

Ensuring a competent person is employed to carry out inspection work in this industry is clearly of the highest importance. But, how can you assess the competency of that person, and what could be the consequences if you do not?

In November SOE are running a series of special CPD events. In Manchester on November 14, Chief Engineer at British Engineering Services, Andy Kidd, will be presenting an IPlantE lecture entitled ‘What is a competent person’?

Andy says: “We all know how quickly processes can change in this industry, meaning our safety and compliance procedures must adapt in line. To ensure our inspections are as comprehensive as they can be, the inspectors must have the necessary skills and competence to undertake the tasks expected of them.”

The requirements of several sets of legislation which now insists upon equipment to be examined or documentation to be prepared by a competent person, will be outlined in the presentation.

“We will look at competent person accreditation and how the individual manages and maintains their competence through experience, qualifications, training, registration and CPD. We will also examine certain standards relating to competence management,” says Andy.

The session will also be of great interest to anyone who uses the services of a competent third party, says Andy.

For more information on the event, please call SOE on 020 7630 1111 or email:

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