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Huge backing for SOE-supported event in Singapore

12th Apr 2017

Representatives from a range of operations engineering fields were present in Singapore in February to mark the first SOE-supported engineering event in the region.

Held at Santa United International Holdings PTE Ltd, the evening brought together a diverse group of engineers - made up of public transport operators, vehicle manufacturers, equipment suppliers, parts suppliers, Land Transport Authority, local engineering companies and past members - all interested in working towards a better engineering future in Singapore. Over 50 people were in attendance.

Organiser Mark Hegarty said: “You can see from the attendance today that there is a tremendous enthusiasm for modern engineering in Singapore. The SOE is a recognised institution and respected throughout the region. We want to connect all those interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences here, and to do that we will continue to organise these events.”

The growing interest in the region comes shortly after the Tower Transit bus and coach depot in Bulim was the first to achieve IRTE Workshop Accreditation outside the UK.

The first of the two presentations was given by ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, the largest foreign manufacturing investor in Singapore. Audience members were given a detailed review of how ExxonMobil came to operate the largest oil refinery in the world, on the island.

Victor Enterprises Pte. Ltd presented next, showing the audience how they grew from a three person team to the huge organisation today, with 11 subsidiaries in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The presentation described how the Euro 6 market has boosted demand for their specialist lubricants.

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