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Kevin Dunning is best of BES

26th May 2015

Congratulations to Kevin Dunning IEng MSOE MIPlantE MBES, this year’s winner of the BES Engineer Surveyor of the Year Award, which aims to highlight the important role that engineer surveyors have in promoting safety in the workplace.

Norwich-based Kevin, an engineer surveyor for Allianz UK, was chosen as this year’s winner due to his commitment to continuous professional improvement and to coaching and mentoring developing professionals.

“I thoroughly enjoy being an engineer surveyor,” he says. “It’s a great job and I work with some fantastic engineers, many of whom have heled me progress in my career. I visit some really unusual sites and meet some interesting clients. Examining the unusual or new is a stimulating part of what I do”

Kevin joined Allianz in 2003 and a year later achieved Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status. “When I joined Allianz, my main focus was to develop quickly into a very effective and respected engineer surveyor,” he says. “I knew I had done this when I began to receive requests for my advice and support from established and technically respected peers and members of the management team. I understood then how much more I could positively influence my team, the business, and potentially the inspection industry.”

With a diverse client portfolio ranging from Kito manual chain blocks to 500 tonne power press moulding machines, his advice is regularly called upon by clients and colleagues. Coordinating a cell of nine people, he is responsible for maintaining compliance and safety on behalf of clients and the general public, and works closely with clients to improve the use of rescue equipment for vessel entry. He also regularly uses his engineering knowledge and experience to assist clients with procuring new equipment and supporting ongoing operating issues.

“I have been involved in the investigation of issues including equipment failure, accidents, re-commissioning inspections, and report content queries,” he explains. “I arrange site visits with operators, local engineers, health and safety managers, and company directors, during which I gather evidence, speak to witnesses, take photographic evidence, and inspect the items involved. Based on what I find, I formulate my conclusions and prepare a written report. I complete training reports for new and existing surveyors, liaising with managers regarding the content and potential follow on activities.”

Kevin also works with clients to efficiently manage their inspection program by ensuring data bases are maintained, audit processes are effective, and the client can be self-sufficient following delivery of training on electronic report access. With a focus on budget control, he also supports clients with uprating some of their lifting equipment, which includes deflection calculation in line with British Standards, witness load testing and re-certification.

Throughout his time with Allianz, Kevin has actively developed his technical, operational and commercial skills, helping him become more effective in the areas in which he operates. This has in turn allowed him to deliver a superior level of service to his clients, which is regularly acknowledged by them, and by his colleagues.

“I take pride in my role as an Engineer Surveyor and the part I play in ensuring full compliance for our clients, and continuous improvement of safety levels in the workplace,” explains Kevin, who is known to regularly promote the engineering surveying profession outside the workplace. “I get satisfaction from carrying out a thorough examination, and knowing that people can do their jobs while the equipment they work with is in a safe condition.”

Kevin is an active member of SOE and encourages new and existing team members to be professionally registered to either IEng or CEng level. He is currently using his experience to mentor a candidate to gain qualifications needed to join the engineering surveying sector.

“Kevin has become a reference point for his peers within our business, and to industry colleagues. He demonstrates pride and excellence in his role,” says Ben Chunsi, regional technical and operations manager for Allianz.

Keen to raise the status of engineer surveyors throughout the UK, Kevin is keen for engineer surveyors to be regarded as part of any client’s internal compliance team. “We bring knowledge, compliance experience, and health & safety awareness from the whole of UK industry,” he says. “Despite the progress I’ve made so far in my own career, I feel that the status associated with being recognised by this award will allow me to have greater influence within Allianz, and within the engineering inspection industry in the UK.”

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