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31 December 2020




Full time


DAF Trucks Limited is a subsidiary of DAF Trucks N.V. based in Holland. Firmly established as one of the most prestigious truck brands in Europe, DAF is owned by PACCAR, one of the most influential and financially strong companies in the industry, The PACCAR group of companies is heavily concentrated on one core product - trucks. This provides a total focus on the truck business, and as a result, PACCAR is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles.

Around 50,000 new trucks are registered in Britain every year. DAF Trucks Limited outsells all other manufacturers and our impressive track record makes us a major force in the road transport industry.

It is widely accepted that DAF Trucks designs and builds the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive range of trucks and this is supported by an aftersales back-up service that sets the standard for the whole industry.

The future of the transport industry is a challenging and exciting one. If you have what it takes to be part of the best back-up in the business then the DAF National Dealer Apprentice Programme is the programme for you.

The Career

In order to meet growing demands, truck operators look for quality, durability and reliability from their vehicles, but it is not enough simply to manufacture a truck to the highest standards. A truck is a major investment that must earn its keep and, once an operator has bought a vehicle, keeping it on the road becomes the main priority.

That is why the same high standards must also apply to the repair and maintenance support truck buyers need and - with the country’s biggest and best equipped dealer network - DAF’s Back-up service ensures that they are not disappointed.

DAF’s Technicians are part of a highly skilled workforce that is committed to quality. With the rapid increase in the complexity of today’s trucks - and the technology needed to keep them up and running - first class training for those involved in the vital servicing and maintenance of these vehicles has become more important than ever.

The DAF Trucks National Dealer Apprentice Programme gives you the chance to join the select group of specialist Technicians working on some of the most modern, sophisticated trucks on the road. And it’s not just a job. It’s the first step in a career that gives you the opportunity to advance, succeed and fulfilyour ambitions in the motor industry.

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