Types of Licence

Measuring skills at 4 levels

irtec offers licences at four benchmark career levels which reflect a technician’s job role and experience. Licences can be taken in various vehicle classes. Technicians are assessed on both practical competence and theoretical knowledge.

SOE and IMI work together, in consultation with industry, on future irtec developments, to ensure that irtec reflects the changing needs of employers.

The cost of taking an irtec licence test varies depending at which irtec assessment centre the tests are taken. Some assessment centres also offer pre-test training which comes at an additional cost. It is advisable to contact the assessment centre for a cost based on your specific requirements. Please note that the registration fee £120 is payable for each irtec level.

Licensing levels

For more detail on each irtec licence available, click on the links below.

Service Maintenance Technician
Inspection Technician
Advanced Technician
Master Technician

Licence levels overview

Please click here for a diagram of the levels of irtec licence available.

For a complete overview of irtec, download the irtec overview document here.
irtec overview [PDF - 1MB]

Vehicle classes

Licences are available in the following vehicle classes:

  • Large Commercial/Goods Vehicle (over 7.5 tonnes)
  • Bus and Coach
  • Trailer
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (3.5-7.5 tonnes)

irtec is now also developing 'Specialist' classes of licence that focus on a particular aspect of the vehicle. Look out for more of these in the near future.

  • Commercial Tyre Technician

irtec Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment tool has been put together by the IMI. Please click this link then enter your name and group (organisation) and select any of the irtec self-assessment links to begin the assessment.