irtec Code of Conduct

All irtec licence holders shall, by their conduct, uphold the reputation of the profession in applying the specialist discipline of the maintenance, repair and inspection of road transport vehicles and their related engineering activities.

irtec licence holders should be aware of their responsibility to establish and uphold standards of professional conduct and deter malpractice, and that their licence may be revoked and their name removed from the irtec technician national register should they be deemed, for any cause, to be undesirable for inclusion on the register. SOE/irtec operates an appeals procedure.

Licence holders agree that:

  1. they will accept the 'irtec code of professional conduct' as a condition of irtec registration.
  2. they will conduct all their professional affairs faithfully and honourably, taking into account their responsibilities towards being an irtec licensed technician, to enrich their employment and support their fellow workers, fairly and without bias.
  3. they will perform their duties to a high standard and observe responsibilities to employers, staff and customers.
  4. they will exercise all reasonable skill and professional care to safeguard the public interest in matters of health, safety and the environment related to their work.
  5. they will assess relevant risks and liability in the course of their work, and, if appropriate, hold professional indemnity insurance. License holders also agree to accept appropriate responsibility for work carried out under their supervision.
  6. they shall assist in the promotion of fair practices in the improvement of technical, commercial and management skill as well as industrial relations amongst other vehicle technicians. Licence holders also agree to aid in the suppression of malpractice.
  7. they shall maintain their professional competence and skills in respect of all technical development and legislation applicable by means of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and only undertake professional tasks for which they are competent. They will disclose relevant limitations of competence.
  8. they shall encourage others to enter the profession and to advance their learning and competence. As part of this, license holders will also aid in directing the training of others to appropriate standards and in fair practices.
  9. they will observe the proper duties of confidentiality owed to appropriate parties and avoid, where possible, real or perceived conflicts of interest and advise affected parties when such conflicts arise. Licence holders will reject bribery.
  10. they will notify the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) if convicted of a criminal offence; upon becoming bankrupt or if they are disqualified as a company director. The SOE should also be informed of any significant violation of the irtec code of conduct by another irtec licence holder.