Apply for irtec

Obtaining your licence

If you would like to take the irtec test and get a licence, or would like to arrange for your technicians to do the same, the process is simple.

In order to apply you need to find an irtec-approved assessment centre located in your area and contact them directly.

Find your nearest assessment centre here: irtec assessment centres

It is advisable to contact the assessment centre for a cost based on your specific requirements.

Please note that a registration fee of £120 is payable for each individual irtec level.

IMI, the leading awarding body for the motor industry, manages the assessment centres that offer irtec licence testing. irtec assessment centres are located all over the UK so you should be able to find one local to you or your business.

The cost of taking an irtec licence test varies depending at which irtec assessment centre the tests are taken. Some assessment centres also offer pre-test training which comes at an additional cost.

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Halfords and irtec have joined forces to offer all irtec licence holders a free Halfords Trade Card. Apply today to have access to thousands of products at very competitive prices.

irtec overview

For a complete overview of irtec, download the irtec overview document here.
irtec overview [PDF - 1MB]