The IRTE Skills Challenge is a great way for apprentices and technicians to demonstrate their technical expertise, and offers a unique way for operators to benchmark their training on a national stage.

Here is what some of our previous competitors, managers and sponsors have said about the competition:

Eugene Urbuzov – Top Scoring Mechanical Apprentice 2016: "Winning the award is something I am very proud of. It not only gives you recognition but is also a great measure of your own capabilities.
The Skills Challenge puts you out there in the industry, pushes you to take it forward and gain as many skills as possible."

Lloyd Mason, engineering development manager, Arriva UK Bus: “It’s a real confidence booster and confirmation that they are doing something right. As more operators participate each year it is especially rewarding for these engineers to come out on top, proving they are the best in their discipline.”

Chris Wright – IRTE Outstanding Team Award & Top Scoring Mechanical Technician 2016: "I was surprised and delighted to win this award, which is not only great for my CV but has also helped me get my name known. The competition also helps to show the modern face of the industry."

Paul Lenihan, 2014 Top Scoring Bodywork Technician, Tower Transit: “This award not only highlights my skills as a coachbuilder, but represents the dedication and teamwork of my fellow teammates and managers.”

David Carson, technical training manager, Translink: “This competition provides our employees with an opportunity to promote their professional skills and measure their expertise against the very best in the industry.”

Kyle Testo, 2012 competitor, Trent Barton: “It’s a great way to get the engineers into the limelight rather than them being the hidden heroes of the industry. The existence of such a competition is highly positive for team morale – after all, a small dose of competitiveness in the workplace is healthy!”

Derek Mills, training manager, London United: “I’m surprised and delighted that our guys won on our first year of trying and I’m very proud of them. It shows the level of skill we have in London United and they all represented themselves to the highest standard in the competition.”

Caroline Anscombe, HR director, Reading Buses: “Entering the IRTE Skills Challenge is a brilliant way of giving our guys the chance to showcase their skills and remind other people that our engineers are highly skilled professionals.”

Richard Harrington, engineering director, Go-Ahead London: “This competition highlights the confidence that operators have in the skills, knowledge and ability of their engineers.”

Alex Fiddes, chief operating officer - vehicle testing and enforcement, DVSA: “the IRTE Skills Challenge is a fantastic event that recognises everything that’s good about the bus industry.”

Gavin Knights, 2012 competitor, Ipswich Buses: “I took part in the competition last year as well and it does really get your mind working. It’s also good to know what sort of people are working out there in other companies.”