Terms and conditions

1. Registering an interest to participate

1.1 The IRTE Skills Challenge is open to bus and coach technicians and engineers from the body, mechanical and electrical disciplines.

1.2 Bus and coach operators wishing to participate in the IRTE Skills Challenge must register an interest and confirm their teams to take part in the competition no later than 31 March 2019, via the SOE website at www.soe.org.uk/irte-skills-challenge.

1.3 Bus and coach operators must complete the registration form and provide full contact details, including name, company, address of the operator they work for, email and telephone number.

1.4 Technicians registering their interest in the IRTE Skills Challenge should inform their line manager.

1.5 Once potential participants have registered their interest, they will receive an email about the IRTE Skills Challenge. If they have not heard from us within a month of registering, it is suggested they contact the IRTE Skills Challenge Events Coordinator on 020 7630 2174.

1.6 Potential participants may be contacted with e-shots about the scheme. They can unsubscribe from these by replying to the e-shot with ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘stop’ in the subject line. This will not affect their request to participate in the IRTE Skills Challenge.

2. Notification of interest to participate

2.1 Bus and coach operators who register an interest to take part in the IRTE Skills Challenge will be contacted by May 2019 with information on next steps, and how to submit a team for the competition.

2.2 Technicians who register an interest to participate in the IRTE Skills Challenge are authorising IRTE to inform their employer that they have shown an interest in participating.

2.3 Interested technicians will be notified by 31 March 2019, by email, that their employer has been notified. If they have not received a notification by that date, they should contact the Events Coordinator on 020 7630 2174.

2.4 The operator (employer) will make the final selection of those that will participate in the actual competition.

3. Charges for entering

3.1 There are no charges to enter the IRTE Skills Challenge 2019.

4. Bus and coach operators

4.1 Teams can be submitted to take part to represent an operator as a whole group.

4.2 Operators must contact the Events Coordinator, to discuss participation (020 7630 2174 or irteskills@soe.org.uk).

4.3 There are a limited number of teams that can participate in the competition; one technician team and one apprentice team from each operator. If the optimum number of teams is achieved the organisers reserve the right to close entries to the competition or to include interested participants on a reserve shortlist.

4.4 Where technicians have registered an interest to take part in the Skills Challenge, operators will be told the names of potential participants.

4.5 Selection for teams is at the discretion of the operator.

4.6 Entry to the IRTE Skills Challenge is limited to those individuals who have not won the IRTE Award for Outstanding Achievement, or the Best Collaboration on Teamwork Challenge Award, in a previous event.

4.7 Operators are expected to cover the cost of participants travelling to the IRTE Skills Challenge testing stage which could also include overnight accommodation.

4.8 Operators are expected to the cover the cost of their participants/representatives attending the IRTE Skills Challenge Winners’ Presentation.

5. Registration of technicians for competition

5.1 Operators must confirm the names and addresses of individuals and/or teams that will participate in the IRTE Skills Challenge no later than 31 March 2019.

5.2 The IRTE Skills Challenge team submission form must be used to register the names and addresses of the technicians that will take part in the IRTE Skills Challenge.

6. Competition

6.1 Dates for the IRTE Skills Challenge testing will take place week commencing 3 June 2019.

6.2 The competition will start at 9.30am on each day and finish no later than 5pm.

6.3 The competition may include a theory test and a series of practical tests.

6.4 Each competition day can have a maximum of six teams taking part.

6.5 There can be a maximum of 30 teams taking part in the IRTE Skills Challenge 2019.

6.6 Operators will agree which day they wish to participate in the IRTE Skills Challenge, and participants will only need to attend the chosen day.

6.7 Participants must be working for an operator that is participating in the scheme when the actual competition takes place.

6.8 A buffet lunch will be provided for participants of the IRTE Skills Challenge during the competition day. Any dietary requirements are requested to be submitted 14 days before the testing.

7. Non-attendance at competition

7.1 If a participant fails to attend the IRTE Skills Challenge competition, then a mark of 0% will be awarded against their place in the competition.

7.2 Operators must inform the IRTE if a participant will not be attending the IRTE Skills Challenge competition at the earliest possible opportunity.

8. The winners' presentation

8.1 The IRTE Skills Challenge Winner’s Presentation will be held in July.

8.2 There will be 13 awards in the IRTE Skills Challenge 2019, including:

  • Top Scoring Bodywork Apprentice
  • Top Scoring Electrical Apprentice
  • Top Scoring Mechanical Apprentice
  • Outstanding Apprentice Team
  • DVSA Inspection Apprentice Award Winner
  • DVSA Inspection Technician Award Winner
  • Top scoring Electric Driveline Technician
  • Top Scoring Bodywork Technician
  • Top Scoring Electrical Technician
  • Top Scoring Mechanical Technician
  • Outstanding Qualified Team
  • Philip Margrave Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • Skills Challenge Masters

8.3 The organisers reserve the right to introduce additional awards or to remove awards.

8.4 Participants/operators are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation to the awards ceremony.

9. GDPR including photography and filming consent

9.1 GDPR
The Society of Operations Engineers, and its trading company, IRTE Services Ltd, are committed to protecting your privacy; we will use personal data provided on entry form for the purposes of administering the IRTE Skills Challenge and producing competition related marketing & PR material. The team’s data will also be shared with S&B Automotive, who are our competition partners, for purposes of running the testing week, as well as with competition judges and sponsors for the purposes of conducting the tests, grading them and distributing prizes to winners.

9.2 Photography and filming consent
Photographs of competitors/teams may be taken on the day of the competition and during the awards ceremony. Images will be used in the winners’ brochure, PR activities and other marketing materials. Photographs and filming footage will be used in various offline and online activities promoting the competition. Images may be also shared with competition sponsors, partners and supporters and used in general marketing materials produced by competition stakeholders. Consent for images/filming footage will be requested on the day of competition and maybe withdrawn by competitors/teams at any time.