Join us for this webinar on the 18 August to hear from our international panel.

The Society is delighted to present ‘The critical role of safety leadership and injury prevention’, a webinar presented by prestigious global leaders in the field of safety.


  • Dr Judy Agnew, Senior Vice President at Safety Solutions
  • Linda Burtwistle, President and CEO at Coach USA and Megabus 
  • Gary Catapano, Chief Strategy and Safety advisor at Magtec
  • Naveed Qamar, a Safety and Environment Leader

Dr Judy Agnew, workplace safety author and a 2021 recipient of the Sir Moir Lockhead Safety Leadership Award, will discuss how organisations often manage behaviour rather than attitude when it comes to safety. She will focus on how to nurture the best culture of safety by fostering ‘discretionary’ behaviour among workers, and how this can be better achieved through positive, rather than negative reinforcement.

Linda Burtwistle has expertise as an industry CEO and held senior leadership roles for both First Group & Stagecoach and currently is CEO of Coach USA. In addition she is a  board member of Truckers Against Trafficking, which exists to educate, equip, empower, and mobilise members of the trucking, bus and energy industries to combat human trafficking. She has also served on the United States Department of Transportation Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking as Vice Chairwoman. She will share her multifaceted insight into safety issues.

Chief Strategy and Safety advisor Gary Catapano is one of North America’s most respected transportation safety specialists. He was the Senior VP for First Groups operations in North America. In early 2020 he joined MAGTEC Products Inc, to help promote SafeSpeed, an intelligent vehicle management system which keeps speed within posted limits and allows for remote disabling of moving vehicles in emergencies. Gary will speak from his unique and long-standing perspective on safety and safer travel, demonstrating the benefits to companies, stakeholders, and passengers.

Naveed Qamar is a Safety and Environmental leader with more than 35 years’ experience, including time at FirstGroup, Serco Dubai and the University of Aberdeen. He will present on a culture of injury prevention, including empowering front-line workers to stop work if they feel unsafe.

We are delighted to host these expert leaders and hope you can take the opportunity to join us for this webinar.