The UK's fleet of energy from waste and biomass plants range from the very modern to the significantly ageing - but they are all under pressure to reduce downtime, increase availability, improve throughput and, for many, to increase profits - and all this whilst operating safely, keeping costs down and working within a rapidly changing environment.

Operational Optimisation is the new, technical event designed specifically for operational decision-makers who need to drive performance excellence from their current assets. SOE are proud to support the event and SOE members can take advantage of the early bird discount, available to everyone until 24 December of more than 25% (£305 reduced to £295.00).  After 24 December, members can take adv 20% (£395.00 reduced to £305.00) from the end of the early bird discount period until the event.

For more information on the programme and speakers and to book your place please click here.