Ian Jackson CEng FSOE FIPlantE, member of the Operations & IPlantE Professional Sector Councils, will introduce the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) IPlantE & Environmental position paper 'Ending carbon dioxide originated by equipment operation entering the atmosphere'. This will be the first in a three-part webinar series, which will discuss the engineering solutions available that can reduce or stop carbon dioxide emissions originating from equipment operation.

In this webinar Ian will present on how the operation of equipment accounts for a significant proportion of the total emissions of carbon dioxide originated by humans and how if we want to eliminate such emissions, we need to end emissions of carbon dioxide arising from the operation of equipment. This webinar will therefore look at the role of the SOE, through its promotion of safety, ethical standards, sustainability, and efficiency in the journey to ending carbon dioxide emissions originated by equipment operation. 

 This presentation is open to everyone. If you have any questions, please ccontact the events team at events@soe.org.uk. Reminders will be sent an hour before the presentation. If you sign up after this, please get in touch. This webinar will be recorded.