In the ninth instalment of this series, Reiner Holwein will look at the design and function of piston rings. Confidence in piston rings suffers due to the exaggerated demands made on them. They are often subject to unqualified installation and cheap repairs, such as reusing worn out interacting sliding parts. This sort of use has affected how they are used commercially, both in workshops and among customers. 

In this webinar Reiner will show the correct procedure for mounting piston rings, as well as the initial start-up of the engine. Reiner will also present some tools from the Motorservice range to ensure correct assembly. 

Content covered will include: 
•    Understanding main tasks involved.
•    Design and differences of construction. 
•    Understanding sealing problems and common damages that occur to piston rings.
•    How the wrong initial start-up leads to Increased oil consumption. 
•    Required tools.
•    The value of correct application. 

Please note that this is not a SOE event, and the link provided for the webinar will bring you through to a German website. This is a CPD event and certificates will be provided by MS Motorservice. This is a member only event and invitations are sent 1 hour before the presentation. Please email should you have any questions.