IRTE Events


17th Jan 2019
Venue address:
Transport Training Services, 15 Dundrod Road, Crumlin
BT29 4SS
Ireland North

Members of the Ireland North Region are encouraged and invited to attend the AGM. This is the most important meeting of the year and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are expected to take on a job, everyone’s input and contribution to the AGM is important, and anyone willing and interested in becoming actively involved in our regional committee will be warmly welcomed and appreciated.

A Committee Meeting will be held immediately after we conclude the AGM business, all members are welcome to stay on for the committee meeting.

Officers and committee members will receive official notification of the AGM, Minutes of the 2018 AGM and the agenda for the 2019 AGM within the next week, Committee members are asked to plan and prepare in advance for any matters that they intend to raise at both the AGM and Committee meetings.