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North London Centre talks

8th Jan 2015
North London

The centre recently hosted a series of varied and informative talks at their September, October and November meetings.

On 3 September the centre hosted PC Christopher Dunn, the lead collision investigation trainer at the Metropolitan Police Driving School in Hendon, who spoke about road collision investigation. He outlined some of the common techniques and issues in modern collision investigation, and presented several cases discussing the application of engineering principles to post collision investigation, especially in cases where brake defects had been alleged. Questions were taken from attendees, covering aspects as diverse as event data recorders, interrogation of CAN systems, tyre and handling issues, and the examination of light bulbs to establish whether on or off at the time of impact.

The centre’s November meeting saw senior magistrate and centre committee member Dave Pratt present an account of the general operation and daily work of the Magistrates Court. Dave, who sits in a number of capacities, including appeals to the Crown Court, also turned the tables on the group in attendance by leading a discussion on the issues the audience may have to consider when delivering sentences in several different scenarios.

December saw a presentation to the North London Centre by Ken Geer from the Bosch Training Centre at Uxbridge. He discussed and explained a number of issues around Euro 5 legislation and ‘PassThru’ technology available to independent garages. The Euro 5 standard governs the approval of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and allows access to manufacturers’ repair information. Mr Geer explained that Bosch’s PassThru technology is a protocol that allows the repairer to access data and software for download to the vehicle, providing tips and pitfalls to avoid, as well as details of open access sources for a wide variety of further information.

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