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20th Jun 2012

Midland Men: MAN 34 ton recovery vehicle

Two representatives from the MAN Military Vehicle Division attended the centre’s recent meeting in Birmingham, bringing with them an SX45 8x8 MAN recovery vehicle.

Maintainer trainer Cliff Hemsley and operative trainer Cliff Bell delivered a very informative lecture on the new range of MAN military vehicles. The company is now the sole supplier to the British Army, having won the contract for five years, and now replaces the many previous manufacturers that had supplied fleets in the past.

The contract is for 7,285 vehicles, across a range from 6 ton 4x4 to 15 ton 8x8 machines, and including a variety of bodies and load carrying configurations.

Specifications include common rail engines at 326hp and 440hp, up to 21 electronic control units and electric operation of the air braking system and gearboxes. Coupled with two chassis types, independent front and rear suspension, plus all-wheel drive with electronically-controlled diff locks, and the result is a high mobility fleet with cross country capability, as was illustrated via a short video presentation.

Attendees then had the opportunity to inspect the SX45 recovery vehicle, which is currently in use in Afghanistan. Rated at 32 tons with 64 tons GTW, the vehicle is equipped with 440bhp, an EKA lift of 13.5 tons, a Texas/Atlas pedestal crane at 15.5 tons, main winch of 25 tons and a self-recovery of 10 tons. Currently in use in Afghanistan, one of these vehicles is reported to have recovered a double casualty at approximately 102 tons GTW.

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