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Bombardier visit

On 15 May, members and guests of the IRTE Hull & East Yorkshire Centre visited the Bombardier Transportation facility in Derby.

Bombardier Transportation, the global leader in the rail industry, has 63 production and engineering sites in 26 countries, and 18 service centres around the world. The services that the Montreal-headquartered company offers include rail vehicles, propulsions and controls, bogies, and rail control and transportation systems.

Bombardier’s Kathryn Lancaster met the group on arrival, and gave them a brief history of the company and Derby site, including the types of rail units that are built here. The visit included a tour of the assembly building where cars (carriages) are assembled over five staging points, for 12 hours at each point.

The chassis of each car, which is initially welded together and painted elsewhere onsite, is first positioned upside-down for fitment of all underbody equipment, including looming, cabling and piping, before being turned upright for fitment of the floor. The roof section undergoes a similar process, after which the underframe, roof and sides are bolted into place, windows fitted, and driver’s cab bolted on. After the fitting of the doors, the car is raised to a height of 6’ where traction packages are fitted underneath and interior panels are installed. The car is then lowered and connected to bogies before seats are fitted.

Following assembly, each car is fully tested, then coupled together to form 5, 7 or 9 car trains depending on customer requirements. Each train is then statically and dynamically tested before dispatch.

The visit concluded with a lunch, during which centre chair Michael Waudby thanked Kathryn and Bombardier on behalf of the group.

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