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Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and experience as an officially registered EngTech.

What do Engineering Technicians do?

Engineering Technicians (EngTech) are involved in applying proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical engineering problems. They carry supervisory or technical responsibility, and are competent to exercise creative aptitudes and skills within defined fields of technology. Engineering Technicians contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes or services and are required to apply safe systems of work.

If that sounds like you then it’s time to get some recognition as an Engineering Technician.

Who becomes EngTech?

Whether you’re at the start of your career and looking for ways to further your progression, or firmly established and wanting to lead by example and solidify your position, EngTech is for you.

A selection of case studies from members, including some who have achieved EngTech status, are available here.

What is EngTech?

The SOE is licensed to offer EngTech registration with the Engineering Council. Engineering Technicians are independently assessed by SOE as meeting the competences set out in UK-SPEC. This means that EngTech registrants are credible professionals, maintaining safe systems of work, and relied upon to be ethical, accountable, and professional in the work they do.

View the UK Standard for Engineering Competence (UKSPEC) here.

Employers value EngTech and the increased public confidence it brings, and so it can have career progression and salary implications.

Why should I become EngTech registered?

Becoming professionally registered demonstrates:

  • An external, independent, assessment of you knowledge, skills and experience
  • Applying safe systems of work
  • Maintaining and updating your abilities
  • A commitment to the engineering profession
  • Using effective communication skills
  • Ethical ways of working
  • Taking personal responsibility for your work

And gives you:

  • Letters after your name
  • Increased employability
  • Better earning potential
  • A free Halfords Trade Card

For these reasons it is valued by employers as a mark of professionalism and also improved public confidence in the organisation. It is great for people who want to consolidate their position, lead by example, or as a waypoint in their career path, and is recognised across the world.

How do I Apply?

To apply for EngTech you first need to be a Member of SOE – join now by clicking here.

Complete and return the EngTech application form [PDF - 208kB] and supporting documents to us at, once we have a complete set of documents your application fee will be due, and can be paid by telephone or online at

What are the requirements?

Standard route

Members with certain qualifications simply need to complete and send the application form, signed copies of their certificates, and a CPD Log (continuing professional development) showing what learning they have learned through training, on-the-job learning,

The educational benchmark

Holding one of the following qualifications meets the educational requirements:

  • National Certificate or National Diploma in Engineering or Construction and the Built Environment
  • An approved qualification in engineering or construction at level 6 in the Scottish Qualifications and Credit Framework
  • The City & Guilds Higher Professional Diploma in Engineering
  • A technical certificate as part of an approved Advanced Modern Apprenticeship programme
  • An approved level 3 NVQ or SVQ
  • A career-based learning route approved by the SOE
  • Qualifications in similar areas providing they are assessed as equivalent by the SOE

What if I don’t have any of those qualifications?

Members who don’t hold the qualifications above may apply through the individual route.

This involves an in-depth appraisal of the knowledge and experience gained through your career, and will usually be conducted at your workplace. Engineering Technicians are often found to have gained the necessary knowledge and skills for their job through working closely with other skilled colleagues over a number of years.

The applicant nominates an assessor who holds EngTech, IEng, or CEng to conduct the assessment. If no-one suitable can be nominated the SOE will nominate an assessor on your behalf. Further information is available on request – email

Complete your application now

Hats off to EngTechs

As a commemoration of the unparalleled achievements of engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 - 1859), whose name is synonymous with his iconic hat, SOE is issuing a Top Hat badge to all newly-registered SOE Engineering Technicians (EngTechs). The Top Hat lapel pin will signify your status as a professionally registered engineer, wear it with pride. To find out how you can get your badge, please email the membership team at