Q. Are all CEngs automatically CEnv
No. Chartered Engineers and Chartered Environmentalists do share some competencies, but being a CEng does not mean you will automatically qualify for CEnv.

Q. Will CEnv applicants be required to attend an interview?
Yes, after an initial review of your application, if appropriate you will be invited to attend a Professional Review Interview (PRI).
These take place in London, Birmingham or Manchester, they can also be conducted in Hong Kong.

Q. Can I apply for CEnv if I am retired?
Yes, there is no restriction on who can apply for CEnv however if you are not currently working then your CPD will be scrutinised in order to ensure that you meet the requirements.

Q. Are there any reduced fees for CEnv registration?
Unfortunately there are no discounts available for CEnv either on the application fee or the yearly fee, retired members are still required to pay the £46 fee in order to maintain their CEnv registration, as are those who are experiencing financial hardship.

Q. Can I reapply if my application is unsuccessful?
Yes you can reapply immediately, however the full application fee will be due again.

Q. Can I appeal if I am not awarded CEnv?
Yes; there is a £200 appeal fee which is refunded to successful applicants or at the discretion of the appeals panel.

Q. How long will my application take?
From submission to receiving an application decision will take a minimum of 6 weeks.

If you have any questions about CEnv please email cenv@soe.org.uk.