A strategic framework for organisational improvement

The 2025 Vision links strategic goals with operational plans, and is is the sum of the things we know we need to achieve in order to ensure SOE remains at the forefront of supporting our members and employers. Formed of eight strands, each of which has clear objectives which staff, volunteers and board members alike embed into their work, the Vision ensures we meet our objectives and rise to the challenges of modern engineering.

Addressing the skills gap

The skills gap is an issue that all those in Engineering as a profession are aware of. The Society is taking a proactive approach through working with employers, education providers and decision makers to attract young people into the industry, ensure relevant accreditations are in place and promote safety, standards and best practice. 

We will:
  • Promote irtec as the industry standard for road transport engineers
  • Contribute and lead on the introduction of new Apprentice Trailblazer frameworks
  • Endorse and promote relevant courses and accreditations through education partners

Diversity in operations engineering careers

SOE recognises that we need to do much more in both ensuring that the industries  we serve are attractive to a diverse range of individuals, and it is our aim to start to tackle this by increasing the female number of members.

We will:
  • Create a dedicated role on the Trustee Board to run our focus on increasing female membership
  • Set a goal to increase female membership to 3% of overall members 
  • Highlight and acknowledge best practice amongst organisations which actively promote engineering diversity

Engaging apprentice and student members

As part of addressing the skills gap, it is vital we attract young people into the industry. We will look to achieve this through promoting a positive image of Operations Engineering as a discipline and creating a bespoke package for apprentice and student members to help them in their careers.

We will:
  • Establish a young member network to advise the trustee board on relevant matters and initiatives
  • Continue to grow the IRTE Skills Challenge as our flagship event for apprentice members
  • Reach 1000 apprentice and student members

Engaging with volunteers

Whether running our regional CPD network, undertaking professional registration reviews or presenting to students – volunteers form an essential part of SOE’s success. Volunteering for SOE is appreciated at all levels, and we are determined to make the most of the opportunities that presents us with, as well as ensuring all volunteers are aligned to SOE’s goals and ways of working.

We will:
  • Use the knowledge and experience of our volunteers effectively
  • Invest in effective and quality 360communication channels
  • Ensure our volunteers are trained and equipped to perform their roles

International growth

SOE is increasingly an internationally recognised brand, and we see particular growth opportunities across Asia and the Pacific as our renown for professional registration and accreditation schemes spreads. Our plan is to make SOE into  a truly global organisation.

We will
  • Launch a Skills Challenge in Asia
  • Achieve 2,350 members across the Asia-Pacific region
  • Accredit 200 irtec technicians and 25 workshops in Asia-Pacific

Growth of membership

The Society recognises that its strength lies within its membership. It is vital that we continue to grow through each of our professional sectors and ensure all levels of engineers are represented through SOE. The organisation will be investing in new technology and collateral to promote membership and offer greater benefits. 

We will:
  • Reach our goal of 20,000 members
  • See a year on year improvement in member satisfaction
  • Offer a streamlined joining service to encourage new members


Preparing for and after Brexit

Brexit will have an impact on all industries in the UK. The Society believes it is vital that it has the mechanism to support the transition and keep its members informed of ongoing work and the latest updates. We will work with the Royal Academy of Engineering to provide data and case studies to Government, and influence legislation to the benefit of our members.

We will:
  • Set up a dedicated Brexit committee
  • Keep SOE members informed of relevant changes to legislation
  • Contribute and advise on consultation as part of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Promoting membership and registration

SOE continues to increase our registrants from our membership, and our licences from both Engineering Council and Society for the Environment give us the currency to aid our members on their professional journey. We are ranked as a top ten Professional Engineering Institution (PEI), which grants us our own representation on the Engineering Council. We have plans in place to ensure we do not rest on our laurels but go further. 

We will:
  • Move up the Engineering Council registration table
  • Retain our Engineering Council licence
  • Continue as an ambassador for professionalism within engineering