Trustee Board and Councils

Howard Seymour CEng CEnv FSOE FIPlantE FIRTE


Actively involved with IPlantE, SOE - and more recently IRTE - over a period of 20 years at branch, centre and head office level, Howard has been SOE Honorary Secretary for five years and President Elect for two years. He is a Fellow, Chartered Engineer, and Environmentalist with the SOE and Society of the Environment.

Joining the Royal Air Force at 17 to train as an Aircraft Mechanic, then later as Technician, Howard gained a firm grounding of engineering from a practical sense, moving into a military career working on fast jet aircraft, its supporting equipment and support services in both the plant and operational environments.

Gaining EngTech and IEng before her turned 30, Howard joined BAE Systems PLC before 2000, taking on a role as a fully qualified and accredited engineer. His main role being as aircraft support equipment design engineer and maintenance support, on a major aircraft development programme. Whilst in this role, Howard completed a BEng with honours in Computer Aided Engineering.

In 2003, a move into project management took Howard into technical based delivery projects on major aircraft capability upgrade programmes, as well as gaining a Masters in Project Management in Practice.

More recently, Howard has been involved in significant business transformation programmes with the implementation of information system upgrades and replacements, together with associated business process improvements.

Howard lives with his partner in the North-West of England.

Beverley Bell HonFSOE HonFIRTE


Beverley has been an honorary fellow of the Society of Operations Engineers since 2010 and is also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

She was admitted as a solicitor in 1985 and established her own practice in 1990, specialising in criminal and transport law.

Beverley was appointed Traffic Commissioner for the North West of England in 2000, and in 2012 she was appointed Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain. This is a statutory role with responsibility for giving guidance and directions on a range of matters to commissioners, in consultation with stakeholders.

Your Trustee Board

Howard Seymour
President & Honorary Secretary

Michael Sweetmore
President-Elect & Honorary Treasurer

Vince Sharpe
Chair of BES Professional Sector Council

Alan Fitzpatrick
Chair of IPlantE Professional Sector Council

John Eastman
Chair of IRTE Professional Sector Council

Alistair Reid
Chair of Membership and Professional Standards Committee

Chris Grime
Chair of IRTE Services Ltd

Ian Jones
Legal Representative

Elected Board Members
Adam Fraser-Hitchen
Garry Gilby
Ian Jackson

Co-opted members
Ian Jones
Amanda Foster
Lloyd Mason
Steve Catte
Ian Smith

Professional Sector Councils


Vince Sharpe (Chair)
David Young (Vice-Chair)

Elected Members
Gary Chapple
Kevin Hawkins
Andy Kidd
Philip Maguire
Alistair Reid
Dean Greer
Alan Richards

Co-opted Members
Dominic Dawson
Geoff Hayward
Joe Royle


Alan Fitzpatrick (Chair)
Ian Jackson (Vice-chair)

Elected Members
Jeffrey Yung
Tony Robinson
Patrick Hughes
Matt Jenkinson

Co-opted Members
Steve Catte
Del Gladman
Stephen Tennison
Ian Ling
Paul Howard


John Eastman (Chair)
Anthony Stone (Vice-chair)

Elected Members
Peter Chidley
Ian Foster
Charles Lymer
Ian Smith
Ian MacDonald

Co-opted Members
Chris Grime
John Parry
Alex Parsons
Phil Thirsk
Neil Mitchell
Lloyd Mason
Nick Elliott
Alison Lawton-Devine