Staff Structure

The staff structure at SOE head office is shown below.

Chief Executive Team

Bruce McGill
Emma Thompson
Tim Poulter

Operations & CRMS

Daniel Moir
Cheryl Carroll
Aga Avci
Francis Mercer
Karline Zuravlova

Membership (including regional administration)

Oliver Teasell
Debbie Carroll
Yuen-Yee Pang

Engineering Council Registration and CPD

Robin Bates
Claire Collins
Diana Kharchenko

Marketing, Communications, Web and Events

Michael Hurst
Sarah Prest
Andrew Knight
Patrycja Plawna
Maxime Prevot

Administration and Finance

Robert Skelton
Pamela Mansley
John Dempster
Liz Carraro

Technical Services

Technical Team

irtec Licensing Scheme

irtec Team