The Society's election process for both the Board and Professional Sector Councils normally takes place in the spring, to align with the Society's Annual General Meeting in June/July each year.

Plenty of notice will be given via Operations Engineer and the website: nominations will be invited, to fill by election, the number of vacancies declared for the Board, from talented individuals who believe in the Society's purpose “to promote safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable operations engineering to the benefit of society”.

Each Professional Sector Council will declare the number of vacancies to be filled by election each year and will publish the specific skills and experience needed to help carry forward particular projects for which budgetary approval has been given by the Board.

The roles of Board and PS Council members are voluntary and payment is made only for approved Society expenses. It is vital that both Board and Council members can be contacted by email, as this is the main communication tool of Head Office and Board/Council members.

The election process

The election process is democratic and uses the Single Transferable Vote (a voting system where each voter lists the candidates in order of preference).

Voting is open to SOE corporate members (Members/MSOE, Fellows/FSOE and Honorary Fellows/HonFSOE only) in good standing and nominees require a minimum of two and maximum of four corporate members as proposers.

Ballot papers are produced by and returned to the Electoral Reform Services Ltd (ERS), the Board-approved independent body for the administration of the election process. Voting can be undertaken online or by post.

Further details

Any member who would like to know more about the election process is invited to contact us.

Society of Operations Engineers
22 Greencoat Place

Telephone: 020 7630 1111.