The SOE is governed by a trustee board. This board is elected from within the SOE membership and consists of key engineering figures. It comprises:

  • The President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Three Vice-Presidents (as Chairs of the Professional Sector Councils)
  • The Honorary Secretary
  • The Honorary Treasurer
  • The Chair of IRTE Services Ltd
  • The Chair of the Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • A maximum of six elected members

Board members are both directors of the SOE and trustees of the charity and bear considerable legislative responsibility whilst making a positive contribution to the future of the profession.

The Board's responsibilities:

  • Strategy
  • Policy
  • Finance
  • The regional structure
  • Membership and professional standards
  • Marketing and communications, including PR
  • Premises

Council members

Council members are neither directors of the Society nor charity trustees, but have an excellent opportunity to contribute positively to the future direction of their industry. There is an operational Council for each of the SOE Professional Sectors.

Each Council consists of a maximum of 12 members (of whom up to eight are elected and a maximum of six can be co-opted) with specialist, sector-specific skills and experience.

The Councils have delegated responsibility for industry-specific membership matters, within budgets and operational plans previously approved by the Board. These can include membership promotion, recruitment, retention and services; journals and publications; technical services; government and industry relations; events and seminars; regional operations; CPD.

This structure is designed to provide greater emphasis to the Professional Sectors, their members and services whilst allowing sufficient flexibility for the SOE to expand in the future.

Want to volunteer for a role on the Board?

See Elections for further information on how to become involved with SOE.

SOE Annual Report and Summary Accounts

In an effort to help the environment and not waste paper the SOE Annual Report and Summary Accounts, are now online.

Download your copy of the 2017 accounts by clicking the link below.
SOE Annual Report and Accounts 2017 [PDF - 681kB]