IPlantE Events


Emerging Opportunities for Gas Engine Plant in the Power Generation Portfolio

26th Sep 2017

A topical one-day seminar and interactive workshop exploring the opportunities for gas fuelled plant, based on both gas engines and gas turbines, in the current generation market. Increasing dependence on renewables and decommissioning of coal and nuclear plant drive concerns about the capacity margin, underlining the need for 'clean' flexible plant to provide highly responsive balancing capacity.

Delivering Onsite Nuclear Projects 2017

26th Sep 2017

As one of 15 economies investing in nuclear energy, the UK is putting £37 billion into the development of nuclear new build. As new projects are undertaken, it is essential that the nuclear engineering community learns the lessons from existing sites and decommissioning programmes.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator User Group 2017

21st Nov 2017

Held every two years, the Heat Recovery Steam Generator User Group is a prime meeting place to share the latest technical insights, discuss and overcome engineering and maintenance challenges and to network with designers, OEMs and operators of heat recovery steam generators.

The Role of the Gas Turbine in Today's Global Power Industry

21st Nov 2017

Over the last few years there has been a strong resurgence of interest in gas-fuelled plant and increasing recognition that flexible and efficient gas turbines are essential to replace ageing coal and nuclear generation facing imminent closure and to provide responsive capacity to back-up intermittent renewables. IDGTE is proud to present this successful biennial event with top quality international speakers bringing the very latest developments in gas turbine technology and operations to deliver an excellent technical programme and a great networking event.