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Vincent Shermont Dottin

08/04/10 15:21:42

I am an examiner of Elevators/Lifts. I am currently dealing with a newly installed Lift which only had the assembly liturature. There is no Operation Manual to work from for Testing. The Installer told me that this Manual was not provided. I find this hard to believe. Can some one confirm what literature should accompany a new Lift please.

[Edited: 8th Apr 2010, 15:24:41]

Paul David Bates

22/04/10 21:46:19



Interesting question. By law an Operation and Maintenance Manual (Precise instruction how to maintain and Operate the Machine have to be supplied with the machine). This is now also required for the CE mark. The rules have changed very recently and are very stringent. I will send an E-mail to the Staff at SOE HQ to see if they can give more precise details of what equipment suppliers have to supply in law.

Best regards


Pat Ahern

27/04/10 21:26:57


Can you advise whether the lift is CE marked, if so what is the 4 digit number next to the CE mark, and if it has a declaration of conformity. Also is it installed in the UK or Europe?
If you are an examiner are you carrying out the commissioning tests, initial thorough examination or a periodic examination?
Are you able to tell us the name of the installer and the supplier - if different?

When was the lift installed?
What is the rated speed of the lift?

Lots of questions but I may be able to help guide you through once I have an idea of these answers.

Best regards


Vincent Shermont Dottin

07/03/12 14:51:06


Dear Pat Ahern,
Thank you very much for the information. I am unable to follow up this report as I was off line for a while and since then the the Organization has gone out of business.
Best regards

Vincent Shermont Dottin

11/06/13 02:12:27


I am looking for a copy of the inspection standards for hydraulic and electrical elevators/lifts. Greatful if anyone can help me please.

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