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Somers Mobile Column Lifts Series 4

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Christopher Beason

24/08/09 08:27:53

Has anyone got any tech info on the load/safety nut on a Somers series 4 (and newer) mobile column motor vehicle lifts.
In particular, how to view wear in the load nut (i know the limit to be 2mm)

Many Thanks

John Graham

09/09/09 18:24:03


Hi Chris, not used to using this forum so hence blank boxes but I have the information for Somers and it is 2.5mm not 2mm and for series iv you will need the special 'spanner' to check wear.

Christopher Beason

16/09/09 09:56:10


Thanks John
Is there any way i could access this information off you, possibly via e-mail?

John Graham

18/09/09 19:21:11


Hi Chris,
Email me at either or and I will send you the information.

John Graham

13/10/11 10:14:37


I have been advised that some of the nut wear information is now incorrect and should be as follows'
Somers series IV - max wear is 1.5mm.
Type of lift Maximum Permissible wear

RG 2.5mm
MVL 2.5mm
SVL 2.5mm
Series IV 1.5mm
S6 (rav) 2.0mm
S65.5 2.0mm
S6ng No wear measurement

Thanks to Scott Gilliam of Somers.

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